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About us


Danca Agency

is a digital media & entertainment agency creating content that stands out for our clients. Our team consistently produces inventive, compelling, and bold content. We are home to authentic brands aiming to spread their message using the story-telling engine of dance. Use our legs as yours.

Our advantage

We’ve worked across a multitude of environments in the entertainment industry for decades. From solo choreography tours & world travels with artists, to stage shows, TV, Video Games and Film. We create unique advertisements, cast talent, and execute impactful dance campaigns, developing authentic & engaging content helping brands grow their customers. Bridging digital media and entertainment is our superpower.


Using dance in your advertisement gives you an industry competitive advantage.

Our Strategy

People want to feel spoken to, and in business, humans come first. Our business plans are culturally rich and consumer-focused. We believe that by approaching strategy with practicality, sustainability, and ingenuity, brands today can relay unique messages digested globally with different experiences.

Digital Media

We aim for your business to reach its full potential and we’re hyper-focused on driving business results for authentic brands. This means having deep, intimate knowledge and connection of community, knowledge of channels where consumers spend the most time, shopping, and analytic secret ingredients that drive consumers to organically engage. Traditionally, marketing has been built on reach and efficiency, we’re creating and capturing leads based on effectiveness.

We’re humbled to work with these amazing clients to create meaningful content.


Influencer marketing

Tap into our global network of dance influencers. With professional dance crews around the world, we provide unique opportunities for brand awareness, increased sales, event promotion, music marketing, content creation & distribution across social channels.

Audiences are targeted by demographic information including, but not limited to; region, age range, and music genre- placing your brand’s message in front of the right eyes and ears.

Dance workshop campaigns

Dance workshops provide direct access to our global network of instructors and students. We activate professional dance instructors in targeted regions to host workshops, teach original choreography, and integrate your music or product into engaged communities.

Students are encouraged to train at home, practice post-workshop choreography, and repost footage- increasing music streams and user-generated content. In our experience, dance workshop campaigns are a uniquely powerful tool for brand awareness.

Flash mobs available upon request.

Music and Video Production

Every great product needs great visuals to tell the story. From ideation to execution, Danca Agency is a full-service digital media and casting agency creating and producing content for music, social media, TV, and film. We create jingles upon request.

Talent Casing and Management

We represent the best performing artists from television to stage shows, music videos, video games, and more, connecting talent and multi-cultural audiences globally. Our choreographers have worked with Janet Jackson, Rihanna, J Balvin, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Red Bull to name a few. Our performers tour the world regularly, through our vast network of studio partnerships.

Motion capture

Coming soon.

Social Media Management

Let us handle your brand identity development, social profile setup, content creation, and community management from the ground up.


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